Bissell SpotBot Review

The Bissell SpotBot is a unique type of carpet cleaner. It’s name really says it all. ‘Spot’ and ‘Bot’. Put that togehter and you’ve pretty much got a carpet cleaning machine that does spot cleaning.

And that is exactly what the Bissell SpotBot does effortlessly. All you have to do is add in fresh water and give the hose a rinse once you’re done.

Below is a quick video of the Bissell SpotBot in action.

So the model I’m revieing here is the Bissell SpotBot pet hands-free, Compact Deep cleaner, Blue Illusion 1200A.

There are a few different models but that’s the one for this review. So this model is built in with some pre-programmed instructions. This is achieved with a cool microchip. And lets back track here for a moment! Microchips! C’mon, what the heck man!

I remember back in the days when I started as a carpet cleaner. I literally had an on button and an off button. So how cool is it with how far technology has come! This is one fine and effective carpet cleaning machine!

So back to it…

You can use the pre-programmed options. Or set the options on the SpotBot options yourself if one of the official options is not suitable. You can control:

  • Carpet surface type
  • Duration/Time limit
  • Stain type

And that is it. Then all you need to do is put the Bissell SpotBot on the stain you want to remove. Fill it with water and add in the cleaner and press the start button. It’s never really been easier to ‘spot’ reduce stains.

This review is not going to be long. This is a simple device and it does what it claims. Below is a nice clean picture of the SpotBot.

Why Buy the Bissell SpotBot?

The SpotBot is pretty much perfect if you bring dirt into the house. A good situation is if you have kids who always play outside and track in dirt.

Another good situation to have this nifty little device at home is if you have pets who might accidentally pee on your carpets. Plus odds are that not and again they will track in dirt. For example your dog runs over the carpet and leaves stains while your not at home so those stains then get very hard to remove. This is a perfect time to use the Bissell SpotBot!

Don’t forget it can clean liquid stains perfectly also! What is you spill some wine or bear. It’s perfect to clean that up.

SpotBot for Professional Carpet Cleaning? Yes!

Something I will mentioned and while I didn’t do this myself I do have a friend who uses the SpotBot. Paul over at Clean Victoria in Newcastle is my friend. He basically cleans carpets for a living and his focus is carpet cleaning in Newcastle.

When we were having a chat the other week he told me that he actually owns a few SpotBot units. When he goes to a clients home to clean their carpets he first looks around the home to see if there are any really nasty stains and he will use the automatic functions of SpotBot on the stains while he works on other rooms.

From what he told me this works out very well as it means there is less effort needed on his pert when he gets to that room. So if you’re a professional carpet cleaners then this maybe something you want to consider.

Small and Convinient

The SpotBot is quite small. So unlike traditional heavy and bulky carpet cleaning equipment that needs a large storage area. You can just keep the SpotBot in the cupboard or even i a large draw. Then you can bring it out when it’s needed.

The machine is fast also. You don’t need to spend hours waiting. You stains will be cleaned in about 20 minutes. Then you just leave the area to dry.

Sean’s Summary

So to wrap this up I give the thumbs up for the SpotBot. It’s a simple machine that every home should have. Even businesses as who knows when one of your staff will spill coffee on the floor. The $150 or so the SpotBot will cost once is ten fold cheaper than consistently hiring professional carpet cleaners.

So a big thumbs up for the Bissell SpotBot and I’d recommend you buy it on Amazon.